India is a concoction of multiple communities, practices, heritage and traditions. Our flourished and diverse cultures have so much to share with each other. AAMBRA Foundation aspires to be a conduit for the information within and among the diverse communities and educate them about best practices and ethics ubiquitous to our pan Indian culture. ‘AAMBROTSAVE’ - A celebration of Indian, art, craft, culture, cuisine and literature – is a project of the AAMBRA Foundation.

About the festival


The rapid globalization on one hand creates a common international culture and on the other hand is the growing international concern for safeguarding the world’s living heritage. We can safeguard the intangible cultural heritage only through effective live experiences by way of workshops, fairs and festivals.


Was thus born Aambrotsave – a one of its kind festival in the world


Aambrotsave is an annual cultural festival spread over two days- a celebration of art, craft, culture, cuisine and literature.


Through Aambrotsave, we celebrate and spread our cultural legacy embedded in theatre, cinema, cuisine, dance and music. We also aspire to promote literature - prose, poetry, and works of fiction, reading, writing and journalism.

4 major components of the festival:


AAMBROTSAVE KITAAB: A Literature Festival - Book releases, book discussions, discourses, promoting and supporting literary workshops, poetry and authors from all across the world.


AAMBROTSAVE RASS: An Instrumental and Performing Arts Festival - from folk singing and folk dancing to classical dancing, vocalists and instrumentalists, who perform live at the event.


AAMBROTSAVE HAAT: Art and Craft Festival - A collection of artisan stalls, selling traditional wares to promote indigenous skills, handiwork, paintings, weaves, art, craft and traditional indigenous medicines.


AAMBROTSAVE PAKWAAN: A Food Festival - collection of food stalls, serving traditional delicacies and regional cuisines


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