It is not only wars, natural calamities or civil disturbances that bring out atrocities against women. Atrocities happen everyday-no every minute! in some part of the world or other. Aambra Foundation has been highlighting issues that occur everyday, but are not spoken about in polite society, through our She speaks programmes. It is truly a mark of civilization when everyone lives in meritocracy, in physical and emotional safety. An ideal situation it might be! but for thousands of years it has been a work in progress. Despite all hardships, bottlenecks and obstacles there are exemplary women who have succeeded in breaking the glass ceiling #sheinspires and many who stood strong to rise from ashes as phoenix #sheaspires.

These true Sheroes will share their experiences during the event. #EveryWomanHasAStory To motivate acknowledge and inspire the women, Aambra Foundation will choose a winner on the basis of public opinion poll. Besides the certificate the award will also carry a cash reward. The recipient of the award will be chosen every year from amongst the entries received on the Website.

Share your story in 150 to 200 words with hashtag #EveryWomanHasAStory

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